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Humpty Dumpty and the Magic Wall

Directed by Allie White

The Kingdom of Eggstonia is happy and safe, whilst ever the evil Humpty Dumpty remains locked inside a giant egg, that sits on a Magic Wall created by Fairy Soufflé.


Witch Salmonella returns and frees her servant Humpty from the egg, by making it fall from the wall. In order to prevent Salmonella from taking over. Humpty’s shell must be pieced together again, by all the King’s Men. But one piece has been taken away to Salmonella’s castle and time is running out.


A cracking panto that will leave you eggstatic.



Fairy Souffle: Sarah Stott

Witch Salmonella: Bea Cook

Humpty Dumpty: Nick Hill

King Benedict: Tim Shaban

Queen Omelette: Alison Quill

Princess Shelly: Georgia Cormack

Charlie Chuck: Ash Jones

Minnie Meringue: Miles Whittle

Prince Eggbert: Liam Bazley

Pierre Le Oeuf: Tim Cook

Sergeant Eggwhite: Sylvie Barham

Corporal Yolker: Barbara Wheal

Soldiers: Eloise Prior, Helena Steven, Hannah O’Neil, Rosie Ellis-White

Stig of the Swamp: Tricia Lumley

Brian Coddle: Steve Down


Alfie Head, Alice Cobley, Ann Stowell, Annabelle Bazley, Bethany Thomas, Elana Wood, Ellie Oakley, Fliss Cobley, Freya Stowell, Harvey Cormack, Hazel Batten, Jade Mackenzie Laura Cobley, Marianne Prior, Martin Grass, Millie Money, Ollie Thomas, Poppy Batten,

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