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Pirates of the Panto

Adapted and Directed by Allie White

When the evil, most cut-throatedest pirate on the seven seas, Captain Spongebag NoPants, has his treasure map stolen by the handsome and debonair Captain Zac Sparrow, all manner of mayhem ensues.

From the Bristol Docks to the beautiful island of Discomania - there is no end of silliness, mutiny, sailor dances, mermaids, shipwrecks, disco, sacred scrolls, chocolate, parrots, more disco and romance.

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Pirate Crew

Dan Ward - Cap’n Spongebag NoPants

Poppy Batten - Skull

Kieran Ellis - Bones

Alfie Head – Poop

Hennasey Wells - Deck

Laura Cobley – Polly


Honor Turner - Cap’n Zac Sparrow

Keith Batten - Stella Sparrow

Hazel Batten - Bobby Sparrow


Miles Whittle - Squire Swann

Alice Cobley - Lizzie Swann



Barbara Wheal – Mavis Mermaid, Bristolian, Sailor, Islander

Bea Cook – Myrtle Mermaid, Bristolian, Sailor, Islander

Jackie Evans – Dudley, Bristolian, Sailor, Mermaid, Islander

Maria Millard – High Priestess, Bristolian, Sailor, Mermaid, Islander

Marianne Pryor – Honest John, Bristolian, Sailor, Mermaid, Islander

Mike Kennedy – Bosun Rollicks, Bristolian, Sailor

Natalie May – Dobbin, Gorilla, Bristolian, Sailor, Islander

Tricia Lumley – Queen Chakra Khan, Bristolian, Sailor, Mermaid, Islander

Will Febrey – Harbour Master, Bristolian, Sailor, Mermaid, Islander

Annette Cole – Bristolian, Sailor, Mermaid, Islander

Jeff Monks – Bristolian, Sailor, Neptune, Islander

Sienna Daynes – Bristolian, Sailor, Islander

Stephen Farnie – Bristolian, Sailor, Mermaid, Islander



Athena Ellis - Bristolian, Sailor, Jellyfish, Islander

Christian Haywood - Bristolian, Sailor, Clownfish, High Priestess helper

Emily Peters – Bristolian, Sailor, Sea Anemone, High Priestess helper

George Rushton - Bristolian, Sailor, Squid, High Priestess helper

Gwen Rushton - Bristolian, Sailor, Shark, Islander

Leia Spellman - Bristolian, Sailor, Shark, High Priestess helper

Olivia Davis - Bristolian, Sailor, Shark, Islander

Woody Simmonds - Bristolian, Drunken Sailor, Squid, High Priestess helper

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