Easy Stages 

A Strong Smell of Burning

Directed by Karen Salt

Directed by Allie White


The stage is set, almost, for an amateur production of Hamlet.

Geri and her backstage crew attempt to master the intricacies of stage management as mayhem surrounds an ill advised candlestick.


With hundreds of bloodthirsty Danish savages charging about outside, a humble

Anglo Saxon family faces an uncertain future. Can the stranger in the cowshed bring a change to their fortunes or will he be their downfall?

CAST: Easy Stages

Geri: Tricia Lumley

Alice: Sylvie Barham

Patsy: Lynda Whittle

Martin: Ash Jones

Gill: Jade MacKenzie

Kate: Bea Cook

Sid: Nick Hill

CAST: A Strong Smell of Burning

Oswald: Steve Down

Agnes: Allie White

The Stranger: Miles Whittle

Cedric: Ash Jones

Hilda: Sarah Stott

Mildred: Barbara Wheal

The Hermit: Tim Cook

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