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Directed by Allie White

Cinderella dates back over a thousand years and has evolved greatly from what was once a story about a Greek slave girl becoming an Egyptian queen. Over time, elements of romance and magic have crept into the story, although it has kept the original themes of servitude, oppression and a rise to power.

The Cinderella of recent years tells the tale of a poor young girl, pushed into menial work by her evil stepsisters and stepmother, only to be rescued by magic and a man.

The Mendip Players tell the story our own way - keeping it modern, contextual and empowering!



Cinderella: Hennasey Millard

Buttons: Hannah O’Neill

Baron Hardup: Paul Brice

Evil Stepmother: Bea Cook

Listeria: Tim Cook

Salmonella: Dan Ward

Prince Charming: Ash Jones

Dandini: Alfie Head

Fairy Godmother: Fliss Cobley

Fairy Cake: Marianne Pryor

Fairy Liquid: Ellie Oakley

Fairy Nuff: Kieran Ellis

King Charming: Jeff Monks

Queen Charming: Tricia Lumley

Arthur: Roy Wills

Princess Loftina: Sylvie Barham

Princess Gladys: Bethany Thomas

Princess Triphormia: Poppy Batten, Yanna Lapworth, Charlotte Ward

Princess Borisa: Tim Shaban

Ghost monk: Luke Archibald

Clock: Tom Batten

Senior Chorus

Audrey: Michele Ball

Beryl: Maria Millard

Cheryl: Sylvie Barham

Deirdre: Eloise Pryor

Enid: Alison Quill

Flo: Mimi Astle

Graham: George Biffin

Harriet: Bethany Thomas

Irene: Nataliya Wills

Jasper: Keith Batten

Kevin: Ben Cobley

Lorna: Honor Turner

Maureen: Helena Steven

Footmen: Luke Archibald, Poppy Batten, Yanna Lapworth, Charlotte Ward

Horse: Josie Milne, Rosie Ellis-White

Cow: Eloise Pryor, Helena Steven

Junior Chorus

Alice Cobley, Bella Clark, Charlotte Ward, Cleo Lintern, Darcy Walker, Ella Cottee, Ella Ladd, Ellie Wilde, Freya Harvey, George Rushton, Gwennie Golding, Harley Walker, Hazel Batten, Jasmine Walsh, Leia Spellman, Luke Archibald, Maisie Golding, Poppy Batten, Poppy Stitch, Sophia Archibald, Yanna Lapworth

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