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After September

Written by Jimmy Chinn - Directed by Sylvie Barham

The staff of Gwendolen Kyte School for Girls is an oddment of social misfits and eccentrics. Returning for a new term the teachers face a catalogue of catastrophes, and tension reaches breaking point when a government inspector arrives...

“This is a brave but inspired choice for The Mendip Players, deftly directed by Sylvie Barham. In less skilful hands, it could be a turgid litany of line readings and talking heads…fortunately, this universally strong cast delivers…during the course of the unmissable evening.

Period wardrobe, make-up and hair are the unsung well as the impeccably realistic and robust set”

Michael Powell, Cheddar Valley Gazzette. July 2016



Mr Smith: Ash Jones

Miss D’Vere: Allie White

Miss McBain: Fliss Cobley

Miss Fisher: Sarah Stott

Miss Bickerstaff: Karen Salt

Miss Kershaw: Hennassey Millard

Miss Duke: Natalyia Wills

Miss Godfrey: Gillian Salt

Miss Pink: Elaine Bradley

Miss Cross: Alison Quill

Miss Kyte: Tricia Lumley

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